6 ways PTAs raise money without asking parents for a penny


With school funding coming under ever more pressure, how do PTAs raise money without constantly asking parents to delve into their pockets?

We’ve been looking out for ingenious ways PTAs are responding to this growing conundrum. Is there an idea here you can use?

Double your profits with match funding

Raised £1800 at your summer fair? Make that £3600 with match funding.

Put a call out to find parents who have match funding opportunities at work. Banks and other well established organisations often run match funding schemes their employees can apply for. It usually just involves a bit of form filling. Our Ambassadors tell us they reserve match funding applications for their biggest fundraising events.

Earn money as parents spend online

Easyfundraising is a well known way to raise money in PTA circles. When parents buy online with specified retailers a small donation is given to the PTA.

Once signed up parents just click on a pop up reminder to donate the ‘cashback’ from their shop to the PTA. Parents can earn your PTA money just by doing their weekly online shop. However, parents buying a new mobile phone, insurance or booking a holiday through one of the registered retailers is where the real money is made. It’s a great way to earn money without having to even bake a cake.

Ask parents to support with actions not money

We’ve spotted one enterprising PTA using Ralloo which partners fundraisers who have a network of supporters with brands willing to sponsor them in exchange for a bit of engagement.

Once connected, all you have to do is rally, or “Ralloo” the other parents to engage with the brand sponsor online. Engagement can mean anything from answering a survey to watching a video or tweeting about the project.

Be entrepreneurs

PTAs are making the most of the talents in their community.

A primary school in Cornwall has published a book of fun things for children to do in the area. The book was written by the school community with children contributing drawings and photos. The booklet is sold in local shops and online to raise funds for the school to replace a classroom. 

We also spotted PTA at a primary school in Shropshire that has teamed up with a local cycle shop to deliver a ticketed cake event. The PTA take the proceeds and help man the event (and bake the cakes). The cycle shop benefits from the publicity. Find out more here www.batchburner.org.uk

If you’ve got similar ideas you can set up a dedicated community group on Classlist for people who are interested in getting it off the ground. Or, put a call out to the school community for ideas.

Earn money when advertisers appear on Classlist

Classlist is free for parents & PTAs to use and is funded by select relevant parent-focused advertising on the app. PTAs who recommend local businesses to advertise on their Classlist site receive a percentage of the revenue if the advertiser goes ahead. Contact our friendly advertising team at advertise@classlist.com or see our Fundraising page if you are interested. It could be a great new role on your PTA for the right person and a new income stream for your school.

Flip it

Instead of fundraising for the school find ways to help the school save money.

Can your PTA set up a schedule of parents to spend one morning a term listening to the children read, to help regularly in the playground at lunch or cover some hours in the school office? This would save your school staff costs for a TA /lunchtime cover/office administrator.

Let us know at support@classlist.com if you’ve tried any of these ideas already or have others – we’d love to share your story.

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