2024's Top 15 Summer Fete Stalls in Schools


Top 15 summer fete stalls in 2024

When it comes to school summer fetes, there's often a predictable lineup of stalls—a tombola, a cake sale, maybe a bouncy castle. Yet, 2024 marks a noticeable shift. Schools are reimagining the traditional summer fete as a platform to nurture not only the next generation of scientists and thinkers but also compassionate philanthropists.

The focus is less on profits and more on the experiences that will shape the pupils into active members of a community with a strong ethical core. In this spirit, we've curated a list of 15 stalls that harmonise the excitement of the fair with a commitment to education, empathy, and the environment. Here, the kids become the teachers, the participants, and the future stewards of this planet.

1. Pupil-Run Bakery

Baked goods have long been a staple of the summer fete, but this stall takes the concept to a new level. Run by young entrepreneurs the Pupil-Run Bakery offers a variety of sweet and savoury treats, all baked by students under the guidance of volunteer parents. Apart from the delicious goods for sale, the stall serves an educational purpose, providing children with firsthand knowledge of financial management and business operations.

2. Solar Showdown - DIY Sun Ovens

Step into the sunlight with this stall that marries gastronomy and renewable energy. Kids can build their own solar ovens, cook s'mores, and appreciate the power of the sun as a cooking fuel. It's an experience that's both delicious and educational.

3. Safe Scientific Experiments

Forget the fire hazard or toxic fumes; these experiments are all about demonstrating the wonders of science in a safe, controlled environment. Kids can make a rocket from a film canister, learn about density with the 'Rainbow in a Jar' or create a 'Magic Milk' rainbow. It's educational, it's entertaining, and it shows them the magic in the everyday world.

4. Adopt-a-Plant

A plant adoption program at your local summer fete – who could resist? For a small donation, attendees can give a new home to a variety of potted plants, with care advice provided by green-thumbed students. It's a heartwarming way to encourage stewardship of our natural world from an early age.

5. Craft Corner - Watercolour on the Green

For the more artistically inclined, the Watercolour on the Green stall offers peaceful respite, allowing visitors to paint their own picturesque landscape. With an emphasis on the environment, the stall provides all-natural, handmade watercolours and recycled paper canvases.

6. Build-Your-Own-Bug Hotel

Biodiversity is the buzzword at this innovative stall. Kids, guided by expert entomologists from local conservation groups, can assemble their own bug hotels using sustainable and natural materials. It's a stepping stone towards understanding the vital role insects play in our ecosystems.

7. The Reusables Emporium

A collaboration with local environmental groups, The Reusables Emporium showcases a myriad of products designed to combat single-use plastics. Visitors can pick up everything from foldable straws and beeswax wraps to environmentally-friendly cleaning products and household items.

8. Storybook Corner - A Recycled Tale

Focusing on creativity and sustainability, A Recycled Tale brings children's stories to life through recycled art. Each piece is connected to the narrative, providing a visually stunning and educational experience that highlights the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

9. Nature Discovery Lab - Buzzy Bees and Fluttering Friends

This interactive stall allows kids to get up close and personal with local wildlife. They can learn about beekeeping, interact with enclosed butterfly habitats, and participate in friendly discussions about how to protect and preserve these important creatures.

10. Make Your Mark - Graffiti Wall

A contemporary take on the traditional fairground activity, the Graffiti Wall embraces street art culture within the bounds of a community-minded event. Using eco-friendly paint, participants contribute to a collective artwork centred around the themes of diversity and environmental awareness.

11. Green Thumb Booth

Gardening enthusiasts can find a wealth of plant species grown by the community, including unusual and heirloom varieties. It encourages an appreciation for horticulture and the role of plants in environmental sustainability, with proceeds going towards local conservation projects.

12. Skill Swap Stand

Summer fetes offer a golden opportunity for networking, and what better way to connect with your community than a skill swap? Whether it’s learning to knit, picking up some dance moves, or discovering the art of up-cycling, the Skill Swap Stand facilitates the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

13. Zero-Waste Cafe

The Zero-Waste Cafe pioneers sustainable practices by operating without single-use plastics. From the decor to the packaging, everything is either biodegradable or designed to be reused. The stall promotes the ‘circular economy’ while serving refreshments and snacks made from locally sourced produce.

14. Up-cycle Fashion Show

A highlight on the fete calendar, the Upcycle Fashion Show champions creativity and environmental awareness. Young designers feature garments and accessories made from repurposed materials in a runway show that combines fun, fashion, and environmental advocacy.

15. Protectors of the Planet Bracelets

A popular corner where attendees can make their own friendship bracelets with natural beads that symbolise the elements of earth, water, air, and fire. Each bracelet offers a gentle reminder of our responsibility as stewards of the Earth.


With this revamped list of summer fete stalls, schools in 2024 are not just creating a fun-filled experience. They're fostering an environment where children can soak up knowledge and develop a sense of social and environmental responsibility. Each stall is a stepping stone towards building a deeper connection to the world they will one day inherit and nurture. The 2024 summer fete is not just a fair—it's a celebration of community, diversity, and education.

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