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Manage parents brilliantly

Give your parents a GDPR-compliant, inclusive place to connect, help each other and support your excellent school. We are chosen by all kinds and sizes of schools across the state, independent and international education sectors.

After all, every school in the world benefits from nurturing a happy, involved parent community!


Private, secure & respectful

Your school’s own private, GDPR-compliant and secure community. More inclusive, safer and more effective communication than social media thanks to parent or school moderators.

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About Headshot Example phone-classlist-is-kind
About Headshot Example phone-classlist-is-kind
About Headshot Example phone-browser-save-school-time
About Headshot Example phone-browser-save-school-time

Save hours of staff time

Fewer questions from parents as Classlist keeps everyone better informed. The announcements tool helps schools retain control of the information and parents can find it easily without calling the office. Thanks to the message boards, there's no need to pass on party invitations or lost property messages for parents.

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Boost parental engagement

Classlist brings all your parents together and makes them feel connected, involved and in the loop. When new families join your school on Classlist, they’ll integrate faster and get involved from the start.

Your school's reputation will keep on growing positively.

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About Headshot Example phone-whats-on
About Headshot Example phone-whats-on

Trusted By The Best

Sydenham High School
Latymer Upper School
robert gordons college
Bedford prep
Harpenden Academy
City of London Freeman's School
Severnoaks School
St George's Weybridge
ISD Debrecen
British School of Bahrain
Al Basma British School
British School in the Netherlands
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But Don't Just Take Our Word for It...


"Classlist’s dead simple - I hand it over to our PTA and they just run it. It’s a trouble-free solution and less hassle than Facebook."

Brian Lockwood
Education Technology Director, Copenhagen International School

"We use it to target particular groups of parents. They don’t miss out on information; get fewer emails, and it moves them away from WhatsApp."

Tania Botting
Headmistress, Greenfield School

"A wonderfully easy way for parents to connect, arrange social events and support each other – it’s brilliant!"

Arabella Stuart
Admissions Director, Sevenoaks School

"Classlist has been really effective. It is very inclusive for all our families, and resolves the burning issue of connecting parents to each other."

Lynn Knapp
Head of Windmill Primary School, Oxford

"Classlist has been invaluable bringing our school parent community together."

Tamara Mehta
PTA Secretary, Kew House School

"It takes parents off the What’s App groups and gives us a bit more control. We love it."

Rachel Snaith
Bursary and Development Officer, Harrodian School

"Parents use Classlist to arrange lift-sharing, find missing PE kit, and get to know each other during the holidays. They are less likely to use WhatsApp or similar."

Tracey Hartley
Headteacher, John Hampden Grammar School

How to build your school community

How to build a successful school community guide

This eBook covers everything you need to know to build a thriving school community: from essential first steps to proven strategies for growth, engagement and successful fundraising.

Our analysis of thousands of school communities shows that it takes just 21 days to build a dynamic online group that benefits parents; children and schools and reveals the strategies that lead to success.

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