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school staff

Classlist Support is here

Whether you've forgotten your password or need some help with setting up a school, we're here to help.

Check out the Classlist Helpdesk for answers to your school community questions and if you need to, raise your hand or a ticket and someone will be available to assist with your enquiry. 

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Software & App Updates

We're busy developing the app for the community

Your PTA raffle prize draw competition

Enjoy all the fun of fundraising without the grind using our modern take on the traditional school fete raffle. Cashless, paperless, with limitless prizes, and mobile-friendly. Set up in under 5 minutes!

We think you’ll love launching this to engage your school’s Classlist community. Terms and conditions apply.


More volunteers, more currencies

Knowing how important it is to get parents involved for a thriving community, we have made it easier to get the right number of volunteers for your event. Up to 50 people can now add their name to any of your community event sign up sheets.

Given our fast-growing global community, we have added more currencies to our app to support schools in countries from Poland to Brazil, Japan to Switzerland.


PTA Websites

We know many PTAs don't have a website of your own but would love to reach more potential or new parents, as well as the wider community with your events. Good news!

We have put together a fantastic looking page which, not only is customizable, but can also be simply managed from your ambassador account.

You can set it up in no time. The best bit is it will stay up to date without needing you to edit it all the time, as your public events, created in Classlist, will also publish to this page automatically.

Interested? Sign up for priority access!


User-focused sessions

You may have seen our recent user survey on your feed. Thanks for your comments to those who participated! We are a user-centric team, so love to hear how you're using Classlist. We run regular user sessions which cover everything from focused reviews to open interviews.

Contact us if you'd like to be added to our participant list.

JULY 2021

Refreshed styles

The home page has had a refresh in colours and styles to make the content more accessible, i.e. clearer and easier for anyone to read. We hope you like the greater contrast, larger font sizes and different colour tones.

JUNE 2021

QA Testing

Lots of tweaks are going on to improve the wording on the app and accompanying emails and notifications.

We hope our friendly texts and tips will mean we don't make you have to stop and think about what you can do here, you can just dive right into making friendly communities.

We have separated out your default groups governed by your children's classes and years, from groups for parents, activities and the community.

We have heard that people use these groups for language-specific groups, bookclubs, parent sports as well as volunteering at the school or in the community.

MAY 2021

Scheduled sends

Have you ever stayed up late drafting an announcement , but then realised it's too late to hit "send"? If so, you'll be pleased to know you can now draft or schedule your announcements! This is aimed at helping busy PTAs manage their time and send the announcements at the time best for their school community. You simply go to create an announcement as normal, but then can choose if you want to send now or later.


Action shots

We have updated the app to improve camera and file handling for posts and comments. Now you can add photos to posts, comments & replies from your camera, as well as attach files.