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  • Event management platform
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  • Raffle ticketing platform
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  • Unlimited admins and event hosts


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  • Multi-currency payment gateway
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Masterclass training
  • Insight reports and leaderboards

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help you with our most asked questions! If you don't see what you need, contact us!

How is Classlist different to WhatsApp?

GDPR regulations prevent individuals and businesses from storing personal information on spreadsheets or in WhatsApp groups that are managed on behalf of the school.

Preparing spreadsheets or Word documents with parent's contact details is a significant hassle for the Class Rep - but it also risks breaking GDPR regulations.

Your parents own their data on Classlist, so if they move house they can simply update their profile themselves.

You can reach everybody in one place. No-one is excluded from Classlist groups. No-one has to share their phone numbers. You know who you are talking to at all times. No-one is excluded because they don't use Facebook.

With Classlist, parents enter their own data through a fully-managed secure website using up-to-date industry security protocols. You can choose what information to share and change it whenever you want. 

You can organise group events for the whole school, year or classes - for the parents or the children.

Fundraising events can be managed with ease, with cashless ticketing, RSVPs, dietary requirements and a volunteer sign-up all built into the app.

Classlist is a UK PTA approved supplier and is data protection registered.

Classlist site operators have the ability to control access, manage users, and detect attacks, offering far greater security for the whole school community. 

If any parent is found not respecting another's privacy they will be removed from the site.

Do I need school's permission?

Classlist is created by parents for parents – and can be set up without any input from your school. 

Building a vibrant community is a priority for many schools, so most of the schools that have already adopted Classlist do actively sponsor the site. The Head or other senior staff member will often write directly to parents encouraging them to join. Schools also see the advantages of working with Classlist. Other schools are less involved, but generally very supportive on specific issues (for example validation of parent details). 

In general we advise that you identify and work with a sponsor from the school administration, and at a minimum inform them of your initiative. 

Classlist also works closely with Parent Teacher Associations. (PTAs). Classlist can help PTAs connect with their parent community more effectively, and makes fundraising and event management much easier. 

It is also possible for single classes or year groups to sign up to Classlist without the participation of the whole school. 

In these cases, we often see other classes or year groups rapidly realising how useful Classlist is and adopting it themselves. 

Does Classlist have to be integrated?

No. Classlist is a standalone app. You can link to it from the school website but it does not have to be integrated with other school information management systems. You can set up Classlist in just 10 minutes.

How long does it take to set up?

You can set up Classlist in 10 minutes! It's so simple to manage and we're here to help you every step of the way. 

Who can see my data?

...and how does Classlist use my private information?

Each Classlist site provides a secure closed platform unique to your school.

Access to each year group's data is restricted to other parents in the same year group at the same school. 

This means they can only view information relating to their school – and to their year group. 

Classlist does not share or sell parents’ details to any outside parties.

Classlist is part-funded by high-quality advertising by local businesses using digital banners on the site. 

However advertisers do not have access to any parent information.

The use of parental data by is fully detailed in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy and Cookie Policy sections of the website. Schoolclasslist is registered under the UK Data Protection Act, that sets out statutory safeguards on the use of data.

Is it really free?

Yes! It really is a free tool for schools in the independent and state sectors, and international schools.

Schools can choose to pay for added features, such as not having adverts showing in the main news feed.

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