How much are Classlist event & raffle fees?


The Classlist platform allows members to buy and sell tickets for events, raffles and other payments through the app. This makes fundraising easier and more successful. Community admin teams can quickly create events, set ticket prices and hook up to their Stripe account to start selling straightaway. And the good news is that Classlist offers the cheapest rate for PTA's selling tickets

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment gateway that helps your community receive payments online. Stripe is integrated into the Classlist app and manages the card details and processes the purchase securely. You just need to register your PTA or other school bank account with Stripe, which is straightforward. The payment is then pinged straight to the bank account you have set up. 

The current UK Stripe fees are as follows;

  • 1.3% for charities

  • 1.5% for other organisations

Stripe also charge a 20p handling fee for each transaction.

Using Stripe doesn’t require a setup fee, monthly subscription or any other hidden fees. For help connecting Stripe, visit our Setting up a Stripe account for a PTA or school Helpdesk article.

What are event fees?

All event platforms charge to use their event management service one way or another. This charge is added to each transaction as a small fee on top of the Stripe payment fee. The Classlist event payment fee is currently;

Classlist event payment fee: 1.5% 

It's the lowest rate around! PTA Events (2.95%), Ticket Tailor (5%) and Eventbrite (10.1%) on an equivalent fee rate.

Whether you’re on Classlist Starter or Classlist Pro, event fees still apply on all paid tickets for an event.  

So, for each paid transaction = Classlist fee + Stripe fee.

TIP: Some PTAs choose to include the charge within the price and add that to the ticket description. You could also create an optional donation ticket.

"It was so simple for me to manage attendance. I could send messages to different groups of parents depending on their ticketing status, I could see at a glance how numbers were developing. So simple and effective."

Steve Simpson, Chair of the Friends of Lockers Park, Hertfordshire

Classlist have the lowest raffle fees

A great way to raise money without even having to hold an event is a raffle. Classlist released the raffle function in the app last year and this has helped hundreds of schools fundraise. The raffle ticketing system manages it all for you.

The Classlist Raffle fee is 7.5% + your Stripe payment fee.

Many other raffle platforms operate with a 10% and above fee.

TIP: When researching platforms - check all the fees and costs involved before settling on a provider.  

Classlist helps you work smarter, not harder

Sadly, there’s no escaping transaction and event fees because there is a cost associated with running Software as a Service. But, the small, shared outlay will ultimately save time, help raise more cash, and make it more enjoyable!

Classlist continues to offer low prices and cracking value as the all-in-one community platform for connecting parents together. Organisers love Classlist because they’re:

  • Saving money on printed costs - tickets, raffle books, invites, etc.
  • Reducing time and effort saved chasing invites.
  • Not forgetting the little details - adding dietary requirements, limiting tickets, etc.
  • Streamlining the process - selling tickets via email, online and not at the school gate.
  • Organising prize draws and issuing numbers with the raffle feature.
  • Helping recruit and manage volunteers with signing up and task duties.

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