Increase your PTA event profits with no more effort: Use Events in Classlist


We were delighted to hear that Lockers Park School made more bang for their buck at their annual fireworks event using Classlist's events tool.

Raise more from the same event

Steve Simpson, Chair of the Friends of Lockers Park day and boarding school in Hertfordshire, UK, said:

"I wanted to tell you about the amazing success we had last week with our Fireworks Event thanks to Classlist Events. I have run five fireworks events and each year we consistently raise about £1500 in donations and ticket sales, no matter how we approach ticketing and sales. We always lose money on the event.

"This year we used Classlist events to publicise and manage the event, and integrated payments using our Stripe account. We raised £2400 in sales from the same parent base.

Easy to manage events

mobile-events-list"It was so simple for me to manage attendance. I could send messages to different groups of parents depending on their ticketing status, I could see at a glance how numbers were developing. So simple and effective.

Easy to buy tickets

"Many parents commented on how easy it was to buy their tickets through Classlist - it was all integrated into the one app, with links to calendars, and their electronic wallets. I even managed to put a QR code onto a banner in the car park, so parents could scan and buy tickets without even leaving their cars. Amazingly simple, and effective at growing our income."

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