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Did you know you can trade preloved uniform and household items on Classlist?

Classlist listings are the parent-to-parent marketplace for good quality, secondhand uniform, clothing and household items.

Whenever your children grow out of their clothes, or need a musical instrument or sports equipment, let your Classlist community be your first port of call.

Why use Classlist to trade everything from school uniform to children's toys?

  • It gives you direct access to the families who need and use the same items as your children. Pass on items your children have grown out of or find the next size up!
  • Avoid items ending up in the landfill. School-specific items are not easily sold at charity shops and may end up in landfill if a good home cannot be found.
  • Drop-off or pick-up swaps are a great way to make use of your time. Multi-tasking this way helps you avoid a long drive or a wait at home for somebody who may or may not show up.
  • Make new connections. It might seem a little strange, but these chance encounters are a great way to meet a few other families and have a familiar face to say hello to at the next event.
  • Spring clean - Keep on top of clutter by simply identifying toys no longer played with or books that are no longer read. You can sell them or offer them for free.
  • Lost or found an item? Add the tag "Lost property" to your listing and help someone out, or recover your missing item.
  • Need a new instrument or something specific? Create a 'wanted' listing instead.
  • Save money. Children grow up fast and don't get the wear out of clothes, shoes and toys that we would like. Tapping into the supply of local secondhand items is a great way to keep costs down or earn some of the initial investment back. 

How to list items on Classlist

Open the Classlist app and head to "Listings". Use your phone to take at least one photo of the item, add a few details and list it!

  • You can add up to 10 photos. Add more photos of items to show different angles and any wear and tear for potential sellers to get a good look at it.
  • Choose a suitable category such as uniform, technology or household.
  • Set a price or offer it for free.
  • Turn the switch on to make it a charitable listing. Add to the description how much you plan to donate, and if different to your school parent association, which charity will benefit.
  • Look out for private messages on Classlist from possible buyers. Are your private messaging notifications turned on?
  • Mark your item as sold to keep the listings tidy, edit the details or list another item. 

Why does Classlist offer parents their own classified listings?

Classlist aims to make life easier for parents and lost property, sports and school equipment are part and parcel of parenting school-age children. If we can help families to reuse and recycle, so much the better for our planet.

Visit our 'How to buy and sell second-hand school uniforms' blogpost for specific tips and advice on selling or recycling school items.

We've also heard listings help with work experience placements and babysitting and finding lost property; helping parents and secondary students alike! 


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