"Classlist is a secure source of information for parents"


We had a lovely chat with one of our school leaders recently. Kate Gater is Head at High March in Beaconsfield where they have been running their Classlist community for over four years. We caught up with her to find out a bit more about how they use the platform at the school.

Classlist was first brought to the school's attention by the Head of Marketing, Director of Admissions and the Parent Association, who heard of it being used in other schools.

The school uses Classlist to help simplify communications with parents by delivering accurate information in a secure place. Kate says, “It’s easy to use and everyone has access to Classlist”.

New joiners

Starting a new school can be difficult for pupils and their families. “Classlist has been really useful for new parents joining the school because it gives them an instant connection with their cohort, with other families, and they find out what’s happening at school really easily.” Kate continues, “They get that access to Classlist early on in their journey with us.” 

Secure information

As opposed to informal WhatsApp groups created by parents, Kate feels “Classlist gives a whole level of validity and a really secure source of information for parents”. This helps to maintain a consistent and accurate message.

Part of the community

What do parents think?
“Parents find it easy to use and know how to access things.”

And the PTA?
Kate goes on: “Our parent association takes to it very easily” with the group actively helping the school make announcements to parents or managing events with the extra ability to sell tickets via Classlist too.

We’d like to thank Kate for her time sharing her thoughts on Classlist and how it’s been used with great success at High March.

We’re looking forward to hearing from more of our Classlist schools in the future. If you like to discuss how your school is getting on, please get in touch. We love hearing all the great ways it helping to connect!

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