Making life easier for Class Reps: reach all parents and host sell-out fundraising events


Class Reps are busy people, often working or caring for other family members during school hours. So we’re here to help. There are tons of features within Classlist that are designed to make your lives easier, your class parents more sociable and your PTA fundraising successful!

GDPR-safe parent contact list

  • Avoid the risk of breaking GDPR rules – WhatsApp groups for organisations are not GDPR-safe
  • There’s no need to compile a class contact list as you can see everyone in the class in the Contacts section and search by child or parent’s name.  
  • You always know who is commenting – unlike on WhatsApp which will just show an anonymous phone number
  • Parents can join without having to share their number with the group. You can be reassured you’re being inclusive

Ensure announcements reach parents

  • Class Reps can send out information for the school or PTA through announcements. Only Reps and Ambassadors can use this feature, so you know it will cut through the noise to the parents.
  • There’s also a dedicated section for announcements, so they are easily found by parents. No more re-sending information. 
  • You can also schedule announcements so you can them off your mental ‘to do’ list!

Chat group is organised

  • The class chat group is structured with posts and comments rather than as a continuous feed – much easier to find the information parents are searching for

Easy to set up meet-ups

  • Arrange a coffee or meet up and see easily who is coming using Classlist events – no need for the whole class to receive lots of ‘yes I’m coming’. ‘I’m going to be late’, ‘not sure yet’ type pings in a chat group

Lost property sorted

  • There’s a dedicated section in the Marketplace listings for lost property – no more messages out to the whole class looking for Jonny’s jumper and the 30 replies back – ‘not here!’

Parties with RSVPs

  • The option to set up birthday parties is a favourite with parents. The invitations are only seen on Classlist by people you invite. 
  • You can add guests by pupil name to let their parent know about the party 
  • They can RSVP in the invitation so you can easily keep track of who is coming and any dietary needs

Personalised notification settings

  • Parents can also personalise their notification settings so the people who don’t want to be notified every time there is a comment don’t have to be.

Easy collection for teacher presents

  • Collect money via Classlist for an upcoming get together or teacher’s present 

Class Reps love using Classlist: here's why

  • GDPR-safe parent contact lists
  • Communication announcements that reach all parents
  • Easy to set up meet-ups, events, parties
  • An active Marketplace – to buy and sell
  • Organised chat messaging groups

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