The back to school checklist


Here is a handy checklist for returning back to school!

Some are obvious, some are less so, all are a jolt back to reality, especially after lovely beach holidays spent reading trashy novels…..

Three weeks before term

  • Read the teacher’s notices. Head teachers often send out notices on the last day of school term. Locate these and reacquaint yourself with these words of wisdom.
  • Schedule doctor and dentists appointments. Check if immunisations are up to date. If your child is starting secondary school and the spots are starting to emerge see your doctor for treatment and if this doesn’t work ask to be referred to a dermatologist. Starting a new school will create enough stress to cause a breakout even with those teenagers blessed with flawless complexions.
  • For younger children, if you haven’t already, encourage them to make a holiday diary. Improve their IT skills by showing them how to take photos and edit them on the computer.
  • If you are a class rep or a PTA member, start to set up your new class list on Classlist. If you haven’t registered with us, contact us and we can help you. Otherwise just give us the name of your teacher for this year. Parents can select their new class and their details will transfer to their new class. Job done!
  • Check out books about going back to school. For instance a few highly recommended books: “I am too absolutely small for school” by Lauren Child (preschool to grade 2) and “Starting School” by Janet Ahlberg and Allan Ahlberg. For older kids check out “Going Up – The no-worries guide to secondary school” by J. Alexander.

Two weeks before school

  • Arrange haircuts at least a week before school starts to minimise being self-conscious about it and eroding your child’s confidence.
  • Organise some play dates so kids can reconnect with their friends.
  • Start to get the brain cells working again: Play a board game together: Scrabble, Boggle, Cranium or learn a new card game. Get a book of constellations and see if you can find them together on a starry night. A number of apps including Skyview and Starwalk are available free.
  • For young children, go through the alphabet, phonics, multiplication tables.
  • Help kids to clean their rooms. Many become disasters over the holiday break.
  • Order the name tags and start sewing, beginning with the most valuable items first. It always takes more time than you think!

One week before school

  • Start adapting your child’s eating and sleep schedule to match the school’s schedule.
  • Fill out all the school paperwork. Schools often provide a checklist themselves to make sure you complete all papers. Permission forms to sign for computer usage at the school, attending school trips, administering medicine etc.
  • Review last term’s school report and discuss with your child/children what they could do better in the school year regarding homework prep and then discuss with them how to create a homework space that will help to achieve best results.
  • Set up a homework timetable now.
  • The name tags have arrived but you haven’t started sewing and are beginning to panic – time to order some rivvit name tag fasteners from The rivet system is a a quick and easy way of labelling clothing and sports kit and can endure washing and wear and tear. Here at Classlist we have been known to be ‘rivviting’ name tags during breakfast to ensure football boots and rugby socks return from the changing room black hole!

Have a great academic year!

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