The rise of PTA volunteers amongst Classlist communities


Here at Classlist we have noticed the explosion of PTA events happening throughout our school parent communities from the start of the academic year. The reformation of many parent association bodies has seen record community activity, which is fantastic news. Surpassing levels before ‘pandemic’ was ever muttered under our breaths. 

This has a knock on effect for our schools and with countless parent volunteer helpers that have come forward in making our school communities, well, more of a community. Diverse backgrounds and skills are dropping in to help the school run more efficiently and become the extra pairs of hands needed in these times of economic uncertainty.

Using lists to recruit helpers

We’ve also seen a much larger increase in volunteers sign-up on the app to help on parent association events. This has largely been down to the super feature within Classlist that allows organisers to reach out to parents to volunteer when they’re probably most likely to, when on the app booking tickets.

This genius tactic can not only give the nudge, but suggest where and when help is needed for a particular event.

It also creates a handy list of volunteers for PTAs to help plan or run the event!

Sign-up – it's trending!

There appears to have been high growth in use on the platform with 2,622 active lists on 1st November 2022. This is up 268% from the same point from the previous year active lists have been used by parent communities. 

During that period from November 2021 more than 18,275 volunteers have signed up to volunteer just by using this handy function! This trend looks set to grow further with more schools adopting its use. 

Once volunteers have helped, ‘incremental asks’ can be an effective way to increase the volunteer pool as well as allow others to take on larger roles within the community. 

Is your school parent community using Classlist sign-up lists to help recruit volunteers?

Visit the Using sign up forms to recruit volunteers article to start.

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