Ultimate guide to school fundraising


Do you know your CIF from your Crowdfunding?

We’ve teamed up with the experts at PTA+ and FundEd to bring you this easy guide to school fundraising which will help you give your children an enriched education in the UK.

What is funding vs fundraising?

The difference between funding and fundraising in the UK is that while Government funding is used to pay for teachers and buildings, parent association fundraising pays for services and products that gives children that extra level of educational experience, which includes school trips, musical equipment or sports opportunities.

All schools can fundraise effectively if they understand how to create a strategy to get there. It’s not just for huge schools or those in wealthy areas. All children deserve to an enriched education that will excite them and keep them engaged in school. Need an astroturf? To replace the play equipment? Or new whiteboards? PTA volunteers can get them if you know how to!

The Guide to fundraising for schools

Discover everything you need to know about raising money for school - with all the shortcuts and extras you can use to increase your parent association revenue!

Download this joint publication from the experts at FundED, PTA+ and Classlist.

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How to raise money for schools

School fundraising made easy

If you’re new to the world of fundraising, or the parent association, it can feel like a minefield. So, working with the experts at PTA+ and FundEd, we’ve distilled all our experience into seven easy to digest pages. Once you’ve read the guide, you’ll feel confident enough to know where you should invest your time and energy to get the best results - and raise the most for your school.

Where can schools raise money?

The guide takes you through the entire fundraising mix, explaining the difference between Grant Fundraising, CIF Funding (Community Investment Funding) and Crowdfunding. It talks you through event and product fundraising, match funding and right up to sponsorship and business support.

How can Classlist help you fundraise?

When you host your school community on Classlist’s free app for schools, it makes fundraising so much easier. Your audience lives on Classlist, so selling event tickets is quick and simple. Simply set up your event and invite everyone (via a notification or email) to buy cashless, paperless tickets that are automatically generated by the app. You can even prompt parents to volunteer for specific tasks to do with the event, for e.g. Run the BBQ from 2pm-3pm. RSVP lists are created for you and dietary needs can also be noted as parents buy their tickets. Simples!

Are you on Classlist yet?

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