10 ideas to help you fundraise at your school Christmas fair


The school Christmas fair is one of the biggest events of the year for PTAs. So how can you make it original, stress-free and get the money coming in? We’ve been taking a look at what other parent-teacher associations around the country are doing. Here are our top finds:

1) Tombola

Better Fundraising Ideas recommends this cheap way to raise loads of money with the lowest number of volunteers – one person to spin it and another one to hand out tickets and give out prizes. You can make a rota if it’s an all-day event.

You can also offer cute and less expensive prizes like bags of chocolate. Just make sure you don’t spend more than £500 on the prizes, because Tombolas are classified as small-scale lotteries in the UK.

2) Charge an entry fee

Easy way to raise money for your school Christmas fair. Get a rota of parents to stand at the door and charge for the entrance. The tickets range between £1-£25, at some central London schools, but follow your judgement.

Christmas is coming! Fundraising Ideas

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3) Handicraft station

It’s fun to watch, but way better to do. Why not organise a workshop for children to make Christmas cards for their parents. You can also have Christmas décor lessons or even a gingerbread house course if you’re feeling ambitious.

4) Let them play

Some schools are making it real fun with games such as throw snowballs at the snowman. Alternatively, you can try board games with Christmas themes or a good old bingo session! Dawn at DOstamping teaches you how to make your own bingo set if you’re into DIY.

5) Bring in the Christmas spirit!

You can lure parents in with mulled wine (get a licence), mince pies and hot cider.

6) Entertain them

You can invite a local children’s author to do a reading on their latest piece and charge a small sum for children to attend. Ask the author to bring books to sell and donate part of their profit to the PTA.

You can also link kids’ activities to famous Christmas films to make it entertaining. Options include classics like “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, “A Christmas Story” or “The Polar Express”.

7) Secret friend

And here’s a great way to use those toys your kids got bored of too quickly. Each child brings an old toy and exchanges it with someone. Pair the children up by assigning them random numbers in pairs so no one will know what they’re getting.

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8) Santa Claus

Because every child loves Santa. All you need is the outfit, a good-natured individual, or someone who owes you a favour.

9) All-day long

If you do get enough volunteers, why not make it an all-day event where people can come and go. The longer they stay the more funds you can raise for your PTA. Volunteer sign-up lists work well for long events and you can set this up easily on Classlist.

10) Great volunteers

This is probably the most important part of your school Christmas fair. Without them there is no event. But how do you get people to participate? Use Classlist to communicate with parents – let them know about your event, ask for suggestions, send out invites and call for volunteers.  Classlist has:

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  • Community groups – set up a group to organise your event 
  • Whole school announcements – keep the whole school posted about the event
  • Easy to build class lists (parents update their own contact details) – reach all parents at the click of a button
  • Secure parent to parent messaging – make your own life easier as parent and track down that lost jumper, check homework and feel connected to other parents in your child’s class!

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