Are you raffle ready?


Our new paperless, cashless school raffle feature is now live. We know you’re keen to get your charitable Christmas or summer fair raffles up and running. Here's how.

How to sell raffle tickets

To sell something well, you first need to think about what’s in it for the customer. What will the funds raised be used for? If there’s a specific cause in mind, it’s far easier to get your community involved. Perhaps you are fundraising for new whiteboard or playground equipment? Let everyone know and they’ll be more likely to buy more tickets. 

Now is the time to start reaching out to local businesses and parents for prizes. You’ll be happily surprised at the number of people who are keen to give out prizes. It’s great publicity for their businesses so you’re actually doing them a favour too.

Think about logistics and save yourself a headache. Can parents pick up the prizes from the school? You’ll automatically receive a spreadsheet of winners and their prizes from Classlist. You could either suggest prizes are picked up from school at a set time or date, or you could send an email to the donor and winner suggesting they organise collection between themselves.

Check your local regulations. Classlist serves an international community and we cannot provide legal advice for your school. In the UK, for example, schools often contact their local councils for raffle licences that are easy to manage and renew each year for a small fee.

What’s special about Classlist’s digital Raffle

It is a paperless, cashless, no hassle school raffle. Offer your parent community an engaging seasonal event that doesn’t mean going around the playground asking people to buy tickets.

You don't need raffle books, so you will save on those expenses and save a huge amount of time. You will not have to rip up tickets or count cash, assign winners or nudge people to buy.

Parents in your community should already have registered for Classlist and this might be a good way to attract any others who have not yet joined your community on Classlist.

Parents who are registered on Classlist can buy tickets easily. If they want to buy for additional relatives; they can buy them on their behalf and make a note of the ticket numbers. Or, you can share the public raffle page.

The draw is automated to run at the time you specify! Parents will receive a notification. You can make a big fuss if you have an event, and call everyone up on stage to handover the prize, or share photos and prize winners on Classlist.

  • You can have as many prizes as you like
  • You can sell tickets right up to 15 minutes before the draw time.
  • It’s mobile-friendly so your parents can buy tickets easily.

What you need to know 

  • You need a Stripe account. It's easy to set up your account if you haven't already. Check their website for details and fees. Most of our schools are on Stripe and we find it works well for them.
  • Classlist platform fees do apply to raffles at 7.5%. This is a competitive rate and we believe you'll still be saving yourself a huge amount of time!  

Ready for raffles? Get started now in your Classlist community now! Here's a preview and the raffle help guide to get you started. 

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