Host your no-hassle school raffle


No more paper raffle tickets! Host your digital school raffle or competition prize draw online with Classlist.

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A paperless, cashless raffle for schools

It's so easy to go paperless and cashless for your school's next charitable raffle. Simply go to Raffles in the menu in your desktop version, pick your draw date and time, set your ticket pricing, add your prizes and the app will do everything else for you. It's a no-hassle raffle!

No more lost letters or tickets in school bags. No more traipsing around the playground selling tickets. No need to recruit volunteers to sell tickets in the first place. Hosting your fundraising raffle online is a huge time-saver that Class Reps will appreciate.


No need for another app

Another huge benefit of the Classlist Raffle is that because it is hosted in Classlist, your parents won't need to download another app to take part. Most of your parents will already be on Classlist, and for those that aren't yet registered, this might be the thing that brings them in to your online community.

Automated ticket sales

Save time and money by not buying raffle books. You won't have to rip tickets, count cash or choose winners. The app does it all for you automatically. It will even nudge people who haven't bought tickets at 24 hours before and 1hr 15 minutes before the draw.

As raffle organiser, you'll be sent a spreadsheet of winners. Winners will be sent a notification. You could make an event of the draw if you're holding your raffle to coincide with a Christmas fair or summer party. Simply gather the entrants at the right time and call your winners up to the stage to receive their prizes and have a photo taken!

The sky's the limit

There's no limit to the number of prizes you can give away, or tickets you can sell. You can even sell tickets right up to 15 minutes before the draw.

Your need to know facts

You'll need a Stripe account (it's the cheapest payment processing platform for schools). Classlist platform fees apply to raffles at 7.5%. This is a highly competitive rate and you'll be saving yourself a lot of time and effort by choosing Classlist over another service which would need a whole new setup by everyone in the school.

Read on for more tips on planning a successful raffle.

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