Teachers Presents: Best presents for teachers in 2023


It's that time of the year again to arrange teachers presents. A well deserved token of appreciation. What to get for teachers’ gifts however is a perennial problem – so here are some suggestions to make life easier (and prevent the poor teacher having to lug home 30 bouquets of flowers on the bus.)

In general, give the teacher something you’d like to receive yourself. And that does not include the extra box of chocolates bought on impulse! See some suggestions from teachers below, what is good in their books and what to avoid.

Top gifts for teachers

  1. Club together to buy some vouchers from the class. It might sound unimaginative, but teachers love these as they can spend as they like. John Lewis, Amazon and Marks & Spencer are all safe bets – they can use them to fund some extra goodies for their family or just treat themselves. Well-organised Class Reps use the ticketing system on Classlist so parents can easily contribute funds to the Class Rep.
  2. Scented candles – you can never really have too many of these and they always feel too expensive to buy for yourself.
  3. Gourmet hamper – a gift from the whole form that the teacher can share with their own family.
  4. Wine – a steady favourite which won’t go off.
  5. Movie or Disney+ vouchers – a whole class present but these are very popular too as they can be used right away.
  6. Home made cards with genuine messages from your child.

Teachers say they don't want this

  1. Home made biscuits or chocolates. Be honest, now, would you really want to receive these?
  2. Toiletries. Many consider this to be too personal and some may have allergies.
  3. Stationery – or any thing to do with being a teacher! The idea is to treat them while they are away from work!
  4. Any individual present that’s very expensive. It's embarrassing for the teacher – and if it’s very valuable might even get them into hot water with the taxman as taxable benefit.

Above all – remember the card from your child is the most important thing. Teachers treasure these for years.

Using Classlist makes organising teacher appreciation gifts and teacher presents so easy. Parents can buy 'tickets' to contribute to the pool. The Class Rep can share photos of the goodies!

When collecting gift money from other parents use Classlist to save you loads of time. Here is a link how Classlist can help with payments.

We also support ApplePay and GooglePay. 

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