Celebrate teacher appreciation day to counter WhatsApp abuse


WhatsApp's negative impact on teacher morale.

A survey done recently by Teacher Tapp involving over 3,000 teachers found something concerning. It showed that 44% of teachers have seen parents use WhatsApp to say negative things about school staff. This is a terrible trend that clearly hurts the morale of teachers and makes it hard for them to do their important job of teaching our kids.

Combatting the adverse effects of WhatsApp

Classlist, recognising the importance of nurturing a positive school environment, has taken steps to mitigate such issues. Through its community guidelines and reporting features, it provides a platform where disrespectful behaviour can be addressed constructively.

Ways to Boost Teacher Morale

Parent associations can help to turn the tide on negativity by initiating and participating in celebrations like Teacher Appreciation Day or week. These dates vary globally, with different countries celebrating on different dates. For example, the USA marks Teacher Appreciation Week from May 6-10, the UK celebrates National Teacher Day on June 19, and World Teacher Appreciation Day falls on October 5, 2024. However, it's important to remember that appreciation for teachers should not be confined to these dates alone.

In addition to limiting negative comments about teachers Classlist provides an easy way for parents to come together and contribute to gifts for teachers. Contributions can be easily collected through the app, with support for ApplePay and GooglePay to make the process smooth and seamless.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Teachers 

There are numerous ways to show appreciation for teachers.

  • Personalised thank you notes;
  • Gift cards to bookstores or local coffee shops;
  • Hosting a breakfast or lunch for the staff;
  • Creating a gratitude wall where students and parents can leave messages of thanks; or
  • Hampers of stationery and treats. 


Teacher Appreciation Day and its variations around the world shine a spotlight on the amazing things teachers do. But we can show our thanks and get rid of negative feelings every day. Schools and parents need to work together to make sure that showing appreciation isn't just something we do once in a while, but something we do all the time to create a supportive and positive learning environment. This doesn't just help our teachers; it also makes our kids' learning experiences better.

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