Brilliant summer fair stall ideas


Looking for some imaginative ideas for your summer fair stalls?

Take your pick!

  1. School Deli
  2. Baskets and Bulbs
  3. Bikes
  4. Nearly new clothes
  5. Sportswear (Cricket, Hockey, Tennis)
  6. Teddy Tombola
  7. Wheelbarrow races
  8. Class Emporium (a good way of delegating responsibility to each class or year group.)
  9. Bottle Tombola
  10. Temporary Tattoos
  11. Face painting
  12. Jam Jar Ping Pong
  13. Lucky Dip
  14. Chamber of Horrors (take over a class and put spooky tricks inside)
  15. Eco Stall
  16. Treasure Hunt (hand out a sheet and participants have to find clues and get a prize)
  17. Argument Booth
  18. Moving Jukebox
  19. Flip Up
  20. Fortune Balloons
  21. Little Miss Vintage
  22. Lego Lucky Dip
  23. Memory Game
  24. Nerf Gun Target Practice
  25. Homegrown Produce stall

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