Maximising PTA Event Success on Classlist: Tips and Strategies

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Run PTA events on Classlist yet? 

A super easy way to sell tickets to school parents and the wider community.


Classlist offers a whole range of features for community building but did you know it's possible to use just its event management platform?

Here is a guide on how you can set up an event and start selling tickets in just minutes!

Using Classlist to sell tickets for school events

Here are some of the reasons why parents and schools choose Classlist for their online ticketing needs:

  • The layout is user-friendly for both mobile and desktop devices, with no distracting ads during checkout.
  • Low platform fees of just 1.5% with no additional per ticket charges.
  • Setting up is a breeze and can be completed in just minutes.
  • Hosts can invite parents based on class, year, or group.
  • A public guest checkout link.
  • Multiple event owners can be added to share the workload.
  • Recruit more volunteers using the volunteer sign-up list tool.
  • Easily track ticket sales with the option to download a spreadsheet for reference.
  • Effortless check-in using the new QR code scanner feature.
PTA Event Tickets - Different options and ticket types

Classlist offers a variety of ticket types:

  • Paid Tickets: Set the quantity and price for each ticket.
  • Free Tickets: Offer limited free tickets.
  • Donations: Encourage donations with suggested or free-will amounts.
  • No Tickets: Attendees can RSVP without a ticket.

Additionally, you can customise ticket questions. Such ask asking if the ticket holder has any allergies. Who will be picking up the child after the event.

Super popular events currently being hosted  on Classlist:

In person events like School Discos, Quiz Nights, Easter Egg Hunts, Summer Fayres and children's birthday parties.

PTA online meetings. Hosting online offers a convenient way to reach and engage with more parents.

Selling products like leavers jumpers and Christmas Trees supports fundraising initiatives. It's a win-win for everyone involved!

Pssst - we are going to launch a school shop soon, so sign up to our waiting list here

The cheapest ticket fees for school events

Like other providers we charge a platform fee for selling tickets online. This is to help us cover the costs of running and developing the platform.

In a recent comparison Classlist was found to have the cheapest ticket platform fee compared to other providers and in some cases this was significantly cheaper! Here is a table with our findings.

Unlike other platforms here are three things we don’t do

  • We don’t try to make parents pay part of the platform or payment processor fee - in our experience not many people opt in for this anyway.

  • We don’t charge up front - the fees are deducted at the time of payment so you won’t get a separate bill at the end either.

  • We don’t have a per ticket fee which works out better for those selling low value tickets.

A bonus tool: Sell Raffle Tickets Online

Classlist offers an online raffle platform for cashless and paper-free fundraising. It's so easy to set up a raffle that you can host them regularly several during the school year. 

It's also available worldwide, subject to local regulations. Add an online raffle to your fundraising efforts today and see your school community come together to support a great cause!

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