New ISBA guidance on Parent WhatsApp Groups


The Independent Schools’ Bursars Association (ISBA) today set out for its member schools some of the GDPR, content and inclusivity risks which parent-led WhatsApp groups can present, and advice on what action schools should take. The Association’s detailed advice is confidential to its members, but Classlist’s app is cited by ISBA as an example of an alternative platform to WhatsApp, which parents can use to communicate and build an inclusive community.   

HubSpot Video

Christopher King, IAPS CEO, shares a recommendation following the ISBA guidance announcement.

ISBA Whatsapp guidance

Following release of ISBA’s guidance we will be running a special series of webinars for all school leadership teams, showing what problems Classlist’s GDPR-compliant app solves; how it works, and how it can be launched in a few hours. 

Quick hassle-free launch is important as Classlist can really help new joiner families link up over the summer holidays.

Download our ISBA WhatsApp Guidance sheet.pdf 


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