Feb 2024 ISBA Guidance on Parent WhatsApp Groups


The Independent Schools’ Bursars Association (ISBA) on 9 February 2024 highlighted new risks for schools with parent-led WhatsApp groups. They recommend schools take early action. Maintaining parent loyalty is more challenging with increased financial pressures on schools and parents. Positive sentiment can be undermined by misinformation amplified through WhatsApp groups. ISBA's Guidance sets out how schools can actively discourage these; protect the school brand, and minimise school and parent legal exposure.  Classlist’s app is cited as an example of an alternative platform to WhatsApp, where every parent can be welcomed into a secure, moderated and respectful community. 

ISBA advice is confidential to its members, but we are keen to discuss

- Risks arising with WhatsApp groups, including misinformation, brand pollution and potential legal / GDPR liabilities

- How to reduce WhatsApp usage through clear messaging about inclusivity 

- How to keep your parent community engaged and positive, with parents themselves taking the lead using Classlist's platform

See Chris King, former IAPS CEO, quizzing Piers Clayden, partner at GDPR specialists Clayden Law, on ISBA's Guidance and real world risks for schools and parents. 

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