PTA Event and Fundraising Ideas for 2022/23


A new school year sees a new uptake of Parent Association events kicking off on the Classlist school parent community platform.

But what can you do this year? A spin on something traditional or something completely different? Take a look at our guide for inspiration, advice and where to start.

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Take your fundraising up to the next level with some refreshed and exciting event ideas! Some 54 ideas, tips, tricks and more...

We’ve crowd-sourced real PTA fundraising initiatives from our Ambassador network worldwide to help you raise more for your school. Boost your takings with fresh ideas and ways to encourage more parents to get involved.

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And don't forget to share your triumphs with us. We love to hear all about the fun, successful fundraising events and ideas. Contact us with any funny and interesting stories too! Good luck PTAs!

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