Send a birthday invitation with Classlist


Did you know you can use Classlist for birthday party invitations?

Classlist offers parents two types of events: Community and Private. Both event types bring people from your school community together.

1. Community events: your parent association may organise these for the whole year group or school. Ambassadors and reps can create these on the admin side of Classlist.

2. Private events: any parent can set these up for more intimate events such as birthdays or meet-ups with a few class families.

Why use Classlist to send party invitations?

  • I don't have everyone's contact info
    Invite people from school even those you don't know that well and whose personal contact information you may not have.

    This can happen when your child wants to invite people you don't know personally or you want to organise something for a group of parents and you don't have a way to communicate.

    Look guests up in the parent finder, or search by class name when creating the guest list.
  • I need to know how many to book or cater for in advance
    Add details such as an RSVP date so you can get organised. Guests will see when they need to let you know by on the invitation.
  • I don't want the bother of paper invitations
    Digital invitations make it easier to reach all parents and save paper. If you want to include your child in the creation, let them choose the cover photo and the guests!

  • I want a clear guest list rather than a mix of phone numbers and abbreviated usernames
    Classlist offers more advanced guest list management than a simple group chat, including a clear list of those invited and who can make it. Add or remove guests, send notes and more.

  • I don't want to 'spam' everybody in the class with updates about the event
    Chat about the event on the event page so these messages are not tangled up in other chats about everything going on at school.

    If you need to reach a few specific guests; imagine you invited 20  and you want to reach only those 7 who have not responded yet, the Classlist app offers a way for you to send targeted messages. This saves you from copy-pasting the message 7 times or confusing the other guests!

  • I want to make it easy for guests with the details in one place
    Add a street address, and/or text description, start and end time, and you can attach a file if needed. All the information guests need is in one place.

  • I'd love to see photos from the event, but don't want them all over social media
    Guests may like to share their photos with you after the event in a private way. They can share their pics with the guests and host on the event chat page for you all to enjoy.

How to set up a private event on Classlist

  1. There are 2 ways to design your invitation on the Classlist app. Either go straight to "What's on" in the bottom menu, then tap on the "My drafts" tab, OR tap the pink create button on any screen and select "Private event" from the top menu.
  2. Fill in as many details as you like. Adding a cover photo helps to make it really inviting.
  3. Save as draft. Check the details and publish when you're ready!

Why does Classlist offer private invitations?

At Classlist we believe in inclusion. We also understand the tricky logistics of parenting and joining new schools!

Birthday parties and other simple get-togethers make for lovely childhood memories. They are a great way to make friends, meet and welcome new families and make your school community stronger. 

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