Love and Profit: Launch your Valentine's Day Raffle in 3 easy steps


 💘 Valentine's Day Online Raffle -  7 days to go and less than two hours to make it happen!

The big day is next week but there is still time to promote a raffle and make money using Classlist's online raffle tool. Here is a checklist how you can set up and launch in less than 2 hours.  

1. Finding Valentine's Day Prizes (60 minutes)

The benefit of a Valentine's Day raffle is that you have a ready made theme and a range of crowd pleasing prizes that you can offer simply by visiting your local high street or ordering online.

What really sets online raffles apart from the traditional format is the ability to add in more prizes as they arise. Here are some crowd pleasing ideas:

  1. Treats Basket: Fill a basket with cookies, brownies, and other treats decorated for Valentine's Day. Ask your local patisserie for suggestions. 
  2. Book Lovers' Bundle: A selection of romantic novels or love-themed children's books, possibly donated by local bookstores or community members.
  3. Crafting Kit: A DIY crafting kit for making Valentine’s Day decorations or cards, suitable for families to enjoy together.
  4. “Date Night In” Box: Include a board game, a bottle of wine or sparkling cider, and some gourmet snacks for a simple yet enjoyable night in.
  5. Coffee Lovers’ Basket: A selection of gourmet coffees, a cute mug, and maybe some chocolate-covered espresso beans, appealing to the coffee aficionados.
  6. Pamper Yourself Kit: A small basket with bath bombs, scented candles, and a face mask for a relaxing evening at home.
  7. Garden Lover's Basket: For those with a green thumb, a collection of seeds for flowers that symbolize love, such as roses or tulips, along with gardening gloves and tools.
  8. Sweetheart Baking Kit: A baking kit complete with heart-shaped cookie cutters, sprinkles, and recipes for Valentine’s Day treats.
  9. Valentine’s Day Puzzle or Game: A love-themed jigsaw puzzle or board game that families or couples can enjoy together.
  10. Photo Frame and Print Voucher: A beautiful photo frame accompanied by a voucher for a free photo print, encouraging families to frame their favourite Valentine's Day memory.
  11. Fitness Class Pass: A pass for a couple's or family yoga class or another fun, active class that can be done together.
  12. Movie Night: A pass for two to the movies. 

2. Set up your raffle on Classlist (30 minutes)

The advantage of a theme based raffle is that you can offer less prizes. Three different types of hampers for instance is all you need to appeal to your audience and get the ticket sales coming in. Experiences (movies, restaurant vouchers and fitness classes) are often more popular than physical items so consider vouchers which you can purchase later. 

Next find some suitable photos for your prizes. If you are assembling your prizes after the deadline you can use Google (under the creative commons licence), Pixabay and Unsplash are good free image sources. 

Lastly, make sure your Stripe account is up to date and you are ready to go!

3. Promote your campaign and launch (30 minutes)

The beauty as a Classlist school (sorry for those that aren't using us yet) is that your audience is already available to receive your campaign. Furthermore, purchasing their raffle tickets on their mobile phone is super easy, taking just minutes using ApplePay and GooglePay.

Classlist also sends out prompts and reminders to encourage more purchases. 

How to get raffling?

Classlist Raffle is the simplest digital solution for your school community festive fundraiser.

Quick and simple: add your description and prize list, and send it live to start selling tickets.

If you want to open up raffle ticket sales beyond the school community, you can also enable a public webpage.

Share the work

We know working together is a lot easier and a lot more fun, so this new season, you can add additional raffle organisers. Our raffles are ideal for PTA members to work together.

  • Add additional raffle organisers to your Classlist fundraiser raffle
  • Any ambassador, staff or community rep can collaborate
  • Add a prize as it comes in or add a photo as and when you need to
Valentines Day Raffle


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