Live panel discussion on best practice: welcoming new families


Explore the insights and wisdom shared by our dynamic panel in our recent webinar, where they uncovered invaluable tips and tricks for embracing new families with open arms.

Here is a flavour of some of the discussion:

Delve into the power of hosting Buddy Program💥, where connections sparkle and friendships blossom. Picture a world where matches are perfect, support is unwavering, and enthusiasm is contagious – a friendship formula like no other.

Embark on welcome adventures that go beyond mere greetings, creating lasting memories and forging deep connections. Whether sailing on a boat trip or exploring the city together, these experiences are the foundation of beautiful friendships.

Include the whole family 🎈, where the fun knows no bounds. Provide babysitters to ensure both parents can join in.  

Embrace technology to foster connections effortlessly. Classlist is a fantastic tool that saves so much time for parent associations. 

Navigate new territories by providing a welcome pack, filled with 'must-knows', the coolest spots for hangouts, and maybe some insider secrets to making school mornings a breeze.

Watch below for more tips and tricks. 

Live panel: welcoming new families


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