New PTA Chairs and Class Reps push for post-pandemic recovery


Community engagement data taken from Classlist’s 360,000 active users shows that school fundraising events are picking up again - indicating that PTAs are feeling confident about the easing of Covid restrictions. 

A common phrase we heard from our Ambassadors last year was, 'we’ve furloughed our PTA and not arranged any events.' Thankfully, in 2022, events being created by our users are up by 272% compared with January 2021 on the Classlist mobile app, and up by 60% compared with January 2021 on the desktop version.

Most popular PTA events are quizzes, raffles and AGMs

Popular events being planned right now include quizzes, coffee mornings, discos, uniform sales, AGMs and raffles. Examples of some of the more innovative events being planned for 2022 are online cooking courses, summer festivals and New Year parties - to make up for the cancelled mulled wine and mince parties ordinarily hosted during the end of year social calendar.  

Classlist helps you create wonderful events that bring your community together with our free app for PTAs. The app is like WhatsApp + events + a marketplace - and it’s free!

Download our 2022 quiz pack for all the slides you need to run an easy, fun and lucrative fundraising event for your parents - in real life, or online! 

We’ve also added a new online Raffle feature which removes all the stress and admin of running a large-scale raffle. No more paper tickets, traipsing around the playground selling tickets or dealing with the admin. It’s all done in-app.

New PTA volunteers ready for fundraising challenge

Half of our active community leaders - that’s PTA Chairs and committee members - have been in place for less than two years. That means that half of our UK school volunteers don’t necessarily know what it’s like to run a pre-Covid school parent community. 

While we’ve noticed that the pandemic has affected succession planning for parent-teacher associations, we’re encouraged by the optimism and ambition of the newest volunteers. We’re here to help you make 2022 your parent association’s best yet!

Download the new 2022 Quiz Pack

A quiz night is a brilliant way to reboot your Parent Association community in the new year and to raise money for your school.

In this free pack is a set of fresh questions and answers in a downloadable PDF or as a Google slideshow.

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Headteachers should value parent volunteers

Susan Burton, Founder of Classlist said: “We hope headteachers will sit up and notice when it becomes clear that the funds being raised by parent communities haven taken a hit. We call on headteachers to support their parent associations, to help them create the vibrant and generous parent communities that schools rely on to help give their children the best experience of school life.”

Classlist is a parent community and school fundraising app. It’s free and you can set up a school community in minutes. 

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