Top 5 Valentine ideas for schools


Any chance for a bit of fun and to spread the love and schools and parent groups will be there! Below are our top 5 valentine-themed school activities that appear in our Classlist communities. There’s the popular ones, with some alternative ideas too.

  1. Valentine’s Disco - In first place, with a lot of Valentine-themed discos happening now and up until after half-term, this appears a firm favourite. Rather than a romantic theme, perhaps disco-goers can wear their favourite characters on their clothes. “The best dancing Harry Potter goes to”… Many schools are employing students to get on the decks too!

    TIP: A popular event especially when created in Classlist allowing parent associations to sell tickets and recruit volunteers.
  2. Cakes! - Following in second, with lots of baking happening across the network. Who doesn’t love a cake sale, especially with recreated classics in the shape of a heart or red biscuits? One school creates a ‘Star Baker’ interest group in Classlist to help with preparation.

    TIP: Make sure you announce the cake sale to the whole school, or if it’s for just a year, then send only to that year group on Classlist.
  3. Wear it! - Celebrate the day by wearing something red OR something that you love. This could be your favourite sports team, band, person or animal. Of course, a small donation will help the balance but it’s a chance for children to share their thoughts and make conversation.

    TIP: Make collecting donations easier by creating donation tickets in Classlist.
  4. Prize draws - fill a jar with Love Hearts (or other relevant confectionery items that are available) then the class, year or school guess how many are in the jar.

    TIP: Did you know you can do raffle prize draws in Classlist?
  5. Cards - And finally, crafting cards appears popular in schools and some have added a postal service too! Create a Valentine’s delivery service in the school. Each card requires a heart stamp for a nominal postage fee. Children are encouraged to create, send and help deliver cards!

Other lovely activities

Acts of kindness - A simple act of kindness can go a long way. Children can chart what they have done over a period of time. From making someone smile, to washing the car, or donating an unwanted toy.

Poetry writing and reading - Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to bring poetry to life. Perhaps a special assembly event that brings some of the greatest poets or writers together. Invite an external speaker or author to inspire. Or let children perform their favourite passages to the class or school.

Other Valentine-themed activities running include bingo, ‘crafternoons’, fancy-dressed dog walking groups, plant sales and treasure hunts. Also, there are plenty of virtual events too, with groups holding virtual coffee mornings, virtual quizzes and a few virtual balloon races. 

If you or your school have had a successful event, we’d ♥️ love to hear a’more! Contact us with details, a video or mention us on our social channels.

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